Zrinski Journal

Review Process

The journal Education for Entrepreneurship – E4E accepts and publishes papers chosen by the editorial board

Content and formal editing of articles consist of the following procedures:

  • after receiving a paper, the Editorial Board assesses whether the subject matter corresponds with the area covered by the journal;
  • after evaluation, the paper is sent to a double-blind review. The whole procedure is anonymous and confidential;
  • a person from the Editorial Board mediates between authors and reviewers. This way, an author is informed about their work being accepted or rejected, and receives feedback in the form of a form completed by the reviewer;
  • the author has the right to decide whether to accept the comments and criticism made by the reviewer and improve their work. The practice has shown that the authors generally respect the comments of the reviewers and adhere to the received instructions for the correction of papers;
  • after the author sends the updated/corrected paper, the Editorial Board reviews it and accepts or rejects it;
  • the final decision is made by the Editorial Board and the author receives feedback about the acceptance or rejection of their paper by the journal;
  • after the paper has been accepted for publishing, technical design and preparation for publication follow. The papers are sent to proofreading and correction, as well as graphic design and printing (if the journal is published in both electronic and printed form).

The reviewers are proposed and selected by the Editorial Board of the journal. They are selected on the basis of their knowledge, experience, and reputation because in this way they can significantly contribute to the assessment of papers and the quality of articles and journals. Before accepting the role of a reviewer for a particular article, a reviewer is obliged to check whether the topic of the article is within their area of scientific work. The result of the review is sent in a form of a completed review form. Although the form contains information about the reviewer, the mediator in communication between the author and the reviewer takes care of anonymity and confidentiality of data and sends the results of the review to the author without the data indicated. The review form is here.

The form to be filled by a reviewer offers the categorization of articles. Categorization is carried out according to the editing instructions issued by the Ministry of Science and Education.

In order to be accepted for printing, a paper has to go through at least two reviews and get a positive evaluation. In case of both positive and negative reviews for the same manuscript, the paper is evaluated by the Editorial Board.

Ethics and objectivity are the cornerstones of every aspect of the review process.