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The journal Education for Entrepreneurship (hereafter referred to as E4E) is a scientific and professional journal of European business school Zagreb in Zagreb.

The journal E4E publishes original scientific and professional papers that directly or indirectly reflect on the topic of upbringing, learning and education for entrepreneurship, and related topics. The thematic orientation of the journal is on the social sciences with focus on economics, entrepreneurship and management, and disciplines that deal with upbringing, learning and education for entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the journal E4E is to promote science and expertise in education for entrepreneurship. The aim of the journal is to contribute to the development of empirical, methodological, theoretical and practical insights in the fields of upbringing, learning and education for entrepreneurship, and economics, entrepreneurship and management. The journal is intended for regional and international academic, economic and social community.

The journal is published twice a year in Croatian and English, in print and online. The online version is available for free download. Additional volumes will be published if needed. The editorial board receives only previously unpublished papers in Croatian and English and only sent in the electronic form to journal@zrinski.org. The journal conducts a double-blinded review process in which the reviewers give recommendations on the classification and publication of the submitted papers. The journal is available on the portal of scientific journals HRČAK.

ISSN 1849-7845 - print, ISSN 1849-661X - online

UDC 33-37
CONTACT Education for Entrepreneurship, Selska cesta 119, HR-Zagreb, 10110
EMAIL: journal@zrinski.org
URL: www.journal.zrinski.org
PUBLISHER European business school Zagreb, Selska cesta 119, HR-Zagreb, 10110