Zrinski Journal

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Academic integrity involves a commitment to the values of honesty, trust, respect and responsibility. Adequate citation of someone else's work applies to each of the defined activities. What is considered as plagiarism:

  • Ghostwriting – if a person is not the author of a text but the text was written by somebody else on behalf of the person.
  • Full plagiarism – if a person signs the work that has been written by someone else.
  • Auto-plagiarism – presenting your own previously published work as original.
  • Plagiarized translation - a person publishes a translation of someone else's text without citing the source.
  • Copy&Paste plagijat - osoba preuzima dijelove tuđeg teksta bez navođenja izvora (uključujući Internet).
  • Paraphrasing without a reference – taking someone else’s text or ideas, but not word-for-word.
  • Out of context citation – a person transcribes or paraphrases a text but does not quote precisely (http://www.rose.uzh.ch/download/Plagiat_unijournal_2006_4.pdf).